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New Parking Experience



ParkingPal is an IOS application with a main focus of parking availability in areas that are considered crowded (City, Stadium, Concerts, Beaches, etc). The app allows people or corporations that have available parking, such as driveways, or city parking spots to rent out their parking spots for a set price. Unlike other parking apps, ParkingPal allows regular people and or corporations to rent out their parking spots for a profit.   

The Perk

Reserve your parking ahead of time! Search the place that you are going,  Find a driveway, event parking lot, or a spot in the city, reserve and pay ahead of time and GO!

The Goal


The goal is to provide people with more parking opportunities in crowded areas.  This will benefit people all over the country that are either visiting a city, going to a concert or sporting event, or even just going to the beach. It will speed up the process of parking and essentially eliminate the long traffic lines. It not only makes the visiting parties lives easier, but it also rewards the person renting out the spots.  

The Market

 According to Grand View Research the parking market was valued at about 4 billion dollars.  That number has grown exponentially to about 20 billion in 2018.  That number is to continue to rise.  In a new era of self-driving electric cars, more jobs in the city, and more people traveling the parking industry will only grow.  The parking industry is split up into two segments, on-street parking and off-street parking.  On-street parking takes up about one-third of all parking related revenue.  According to there has been some progress with innovative ways to park on and off street although, “No truly scalable parking innovation has yet occurred in this segment.” (Dalal,  The parking industry has seen apps that allow you to pay meters or pay for event parking.  The idea of creating more parking based on users renting out spaces has yet to come.  

User Experience


This app will start as an IOS application that will be purchased from the Apple app store for free.  Users will be prompted to create an account.  In this account there will be information regarding the user, such as name, DOB, car, debit card, etc.  Users renting a spot will be able to be paid right through the app itself.  People renting the spot is going to be able to pay for it beforehand and receive a confirmation with barcode scanner for the users records of use. For major corporations and large parking lots, such as those lots for event parking there will be an application process in order to list event parking with 20 or more cars.